Knowledge generation and translation in prehabilitation and rehabilitation is main scope of our program.

More research is needed to determine the effect of different perioperative interventions aimed at accelerating the recovery process.

Ongoing Research

  • Multimodal Prehabilitation to Enhance Functional Recovery after Colorectal Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial

 Multimodal program with patients affected by colorectal cancer. (started 09-2011)

  • Prehabilitation for Total Knee Arthoplasty in patients with BMI> 30; Understanding the role of Inflammation in Modulating Functional Capacity and Recovery. A Randomized Controlled Trial 

Influence of six weeks preoperative aerobic and resistance exercise on aspects of perioperative inflammation in patients during the recovery phase.(started 12-2011)

  • Prehabilitation to overcome the stress of surgery: the role of nutrition in enhancing postoperative functional capacity

Effect of preoperative and postoperative  nutritional supplementation with whey protein on postoperative functional walking capacity and return to baseline strength after colorectal resection.(started 07-2012)

  • The impact of adding preoperative physical activity to nutritional supplementation in esophageal surgery on postoperative functional capacity  

Impact of physical exercise together with nutritional supplements on accelerating the recovery process after esophageal cancer surgery. (started 02-2013)

  • Multimodal Prehabilitation to Enhance Functional Recovery after lung Surgery

Preoperative and postoperative multidisciplinary approach to reduce stress and enhance recovery after lung resection.